1x06 Title

An Open Door in Bricktown

Sam and Geoff meet up with Charles Stout, a walking encyclopedia for all things Bricktown Brewery. Stout shares the history of Oklahoma City’s Bricktown district as well as give a tour of a few unexplained things in the restaurant. The professor also ...

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Shades of Brown

https://youtu.be/DaX3a4Len8s Shades of Brown is a place where you can come and be your total self while having a really good cup of coffee. Owner, Melinda Curren, and barista, Ben Udwin, discuss the vibe this Brookside coffee shop in Tulsa.

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Ride OKC

https://youtu.be/tJfzRi1v0zo Growing from a passion to see places one normally doesn't see, Ride OKC offers people unique tours of Oklahoma City via bicycle. Ashely and Ryan Fogle of Ride OKC, along with Bailey Gordon of Cookie Tour, share what riders ...

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Gathering Place

https://youtu.be/8jb9-k4Uneo Gathering Place is a park like none other in Tulsa for everyone to enjoy. Gathering Place is entirely free to the public and is an adventure sure to inspire wonderful moments for generations to come. Josh Wright and Cayla L ...