Uncovering Ghost Stories along the OKC Streetcar thumb

Ghost Stories along the OKC Streetcar

Author and host of the Oklahoma City Ghost Tours, Jeff Provine lead Caitlin Ford from EMBARK on a ghost tour along the streetcar route. Stops include Automobile Alley, Downtown, Bricktown, and Midtown.

For further reading about ghost stories with NBA players at the Skirvin Hotel, check out this New York Times article.

For another story about the Underground Chinese Tunnels, check out this How Curious podcast episode. Also, be sure to check out our Tales Unveiled episode, Embark on a Ghost Streetcar Tour, about the streetcar for more stories along the route. 

This episode of Uncovering Oklahoma is brought to you by EMBARK – providing streetcar, ferry transit, bike share, and bus services in Oklahoma City and Norman. Their transportation options connect people with their community, while easing traffic congestion and improving air quality. Learn more at embarkok.com and then explore the city using public transportation.

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