Leadership Board

Leadership Board

3 Episodes

Leadership Board features to help you become a better leader and more successful with your business.

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Leadership Board
  • What is EMOD and how can it save you Money

    Episode 1

    Risk Management Control Expert from INSURICA, DeMarcus Strange, explains what EMOD is and how it affects the cost of your Insurance. EMOD stands for 'experience modifier.' DeMarcus discusses how basic safety processes can encourage a safe atmosphere that lowers your EMOD.

  • Process Mapping

    Episode 2

    Rob Miles breaks down the importance of process mapping to solve problems.

  • Be Sell Ready

    Episode 3

    Hank Bockus explains the importance of planning for your business exit strategy. Whether you are growing your startup to leave a legacy or for a big buyout, it's important to view your business through a potential buyer's eyes. Set up accounting, budgeting, and strategy around these principles no...