The series currently produced by The Show Starts Now Studios, sorted in alphabetical order.

Colorful Escapes
Colorful Escapes is a global travel series where art is the destination. The show highlights art galleries, art museums, public art, and artist studios, as well as restaurants and hotels with an emphasis on art. Basically, if it’s creative and artistic, we’ll visit it.

Hosted by Heide Brandes from producer Dennis Spielman.

Quarter Minutes
Quarter Minutes pierces through the multiverse to capture glimpses of strange and seemly normal oddities of multiple realities. Videos are short, running about 15-seconds to a minute long.

Tales Unveiled
Combining real Oklahoma urban legends with a fictional plot line of a greater mystery, Tales Unveiled follows two writers with different pursuits as they team up to unveil stories in their city. Journalist, Sam Saxton, (voiced by Dennis Spielman) meets up with fiction writer, Geoff DeGroot, (voiced by Jeff Provine) become friends at a ghost tour and work together to unveil local hauntings.

Uncovering Oklahoma
Uncovering Oklahoma is a travel and interview series that uncovers creative people and places in Oklahoma.

Yes! Science!
Showing that science is for everyone, Yes! Science! is science documentary and demonstration series features a rotating roster of women and minority individuals in STEM fields. Videos discuss topics of science, career profiles, and fun experiments. Think of the show as a documentary series that is crossed with TED Talks and Bill Nye. Currently, the series is highlighting individuals and teams in the state of Oklahoma with ambitions to expand.