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Adding Adventure

Based in Oklahoma, The Show Starts Now Studios' mission is to add adventure to your life by introducing you to new experiences. You're sure to have an adventure from trying new foods to learning new skills to visiting fascinating places.

Big on the Arts

Awarded the Governer's Art Award for Media Coverage, producer Dennis Spielman understands the importance of the arts in communities. Several shows explore the arts in cities, get inside the minds of artists, and help creatives expand their skills.


Be part of the audience for one of our live shows. In addition to videos, we are developing immersive art experiences and games. You'll have to stay tuned for more. 😉

Bootstrapping to Big Dreams

We’ve bootstrapped this studio to make these productions happen through barters, trades, partnerships, and I.O.U.s while keeping day jobs. No investors or seed funds. We’re not trying to be the next big thing - we just want be a niche complement help people destroy the staleness in their life. One of the major goals is to create a studio space in Oklahoma where people can be part of a live studio audience show, an experience limited to places in NYC and LA. We hope you can join us in this goal!

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